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The knitted fabrics undergo a series of different chemical processing treatments like scouring, bleaching, dyeing,softener padding and relax drying. These processes are carried out to impart aparticular property related to that processlike scouring for absorbency, bleaching forwhiteness, dyeing to impart colour to fabricand finishing for improving softness andhandle of the fabricThe properties of the knitted fabrics are influenced by various parameters like rawmaterial, yarn structure, fabric structure,processing stages and finishing. Theprocess adopted affects the fabricproperties and its overall performance.During the finishing process, internalstresses stored during spinning, knittingis removed and the fabrics attain analmost fully relaxed state. By adopting different processes and finishing methods, different kinds of knitted fabric in a sense of aesthetic and utility properties can be produced from the same unfinished fabrics. Further, the determination of the changes in physical and dyeing properties during different stages of chemical processing isimportant for the control of processparameters to get the final product as perthe requirements of the buyer.The knits goods, in contrast to the woven cotton fabrics, are easily starched and theirloops would get distorted under the stretching tension of the dyeing cylinders. Special drying machines have, there fore,been developed to dry knitwear with the minimum of tension.

Dyeing of knitted fabrics

Jets and Winch dyeing machines areusually used as exhaust equipment forpreparation, dyeing and finishing ofknitted fabrics. machine that circulates both the fabric and the dye bath. Jet dyemachines are excellent for knit fabrics. Knit fabric wet processing is started withbatching or batch preparation where fabricis weighted as per machine capacity andthe fabric is turned to inside out in case ofbody fabric i.e. main fabric of garments.Normally, single jersey fabric such as plain,locust, pique etc. are widely used for bodyfabric of garments. Interlock, rib, fleecefabrics are also turned to inside out whenthose are in unbalanced structures andused as body fabric of garments. The fabricsare usually turned to keep away from theany unaccepted incident or damage on faceside and remove edge marks, which arecreated due to formation of fabric roll.Fabrics that are processed and deliveredin tubular form are treated on becks, injets, or in continuous machines. Relaxationtakes place during the entire wet treatment.

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Rakesh Enterprises is an integrated world class Knitted Fabrics company offering diverse range of products for the global Fabrics market, excellence in product quality standards, services and commitment. Rakesh Enterprises seeks to achieve customer delight through superiority in manufacturing and customer service based on creative combination of the state-of-the-art technology and human resources. Rakesh Enterprises is committed to be a responsible corporate citizen. In the years ahead Rakesh Enterprises aims to be a part of a number of international partnerships.In such endeavors our guiding principles will still be those for which the Rakesh Enterprises is known i.e. transparency, integrity, honesty, accountability and compliance of laws.