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Knitted Fabrics is the construction of an elastic, porous fabric, created by interlocking yarns by means of needles. Knitted Fabric is generally light in weight, comfortable in wear even during travel, yet requires little care to keep their neat appearance. The tendency of knits to resist wrinkling is another factor to boost up their popularity. Knitted fabrics are used for designing active clothing such as sports clothing. Elasticity Nature of Knitted Fabrics permits for abundant physical activity. Knitted fabrics provide comfortable wear to almost any style of garment. Most knits contour to the body's silhouette without restricting movement. This makes Knitted fabrics ideal for underwear, body wear and active wear garments. While many variations of Knitted fabrics exist such that used for hosiery, only two types of Knitted fabric exist, weft and warp Knits. From these two types of Knitted fabrics come various subtypes that consumers encounter in fabric stores and read within garment descriptions.

our mission

Rakesh Enterprises is an integrated world class Knitted Fabrics company offering diverse range of products for the global Fabrics market, excellence in product quality standards, services and commitment. Rakesh Enterprises seeks to achieve customer delight through superiority in manufacturing and customer service based on creative combination of the state-of-the-art technology and human resources. Rakesh Enterprises is committed to be a responsible corporate citizen. In the years ahead Rakesh Enterprises aims to be a part of a number of international partnerships.In such endeavors our guiding principles will still be those for which the Rakesh Enterprises is known i.e. transparency, integrity, honesty, accountability and compliance of laws.